There is an art to programming, and Peter and Marion have made it their speciality over the years, turning a concert into an experience. 

Their impeccable ensemble playing, passionate music-making and on-stage repartee connects with their audience and has made them one of the most popular guitar ensembles on the Dutch chamber music circuit. 

Below are some sample programmes, combinations are possible. Most of the works can be viewed on the video page.

PHOTOS Claudia Kamergorodski photography
PHOTOS Claudia Kamergorodski photography
PHOTOS Claudia Kamergorodski photography


PHOTOS Claudia Kamergorodski photography

Z.o.o. gu​itar duo

Marion Schaap & Peter Constant    

A New Day

This program tells a musical story about transition, victory, optimism and nature! Varied music from pioneering composers through the ages. From Baroque to Baltic music after the ‘singing revolution’.
Scarlatti Sonata  



Like a ‘Lied ohne Worte’, the guitar sings about love as only this beautiful instrument can: its characteristic sound makes many a musical heart beat faster. Featuring intimate music from classical and romantic composers such as Schumann, Mertz and Méhul who wrote for this instrument or, perhaps, wanted to write. With special attention for the recently rediscovered Viennese composer Ferdinand Rebay. In the turbulent years around WW2, Rebay disappeared from the scene, along with his no less than 600 works in late Romantic style which are a revelation in repertoire for the guitar. Forgotten, but fortunately not lost.
Mertz Stä  


Bach in the Dark

An irresistible musical combination: the genius of J.S. Bach and the beautiful sound of the classical guitar. The duo shines fresh light on music by Bach, flanked by contemporaries such as Vivaldi and Scarlatti, with a side step to ‘Bachianas Brasileiras’ by the Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos. Including among others Bach's complete 2-part Inventiones in a unique setting on baritone and requinto guitars that do justice to these delicate musical gems.
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Classical Guitar Magazine reviewed their recent CD recording of this intricate and precious music:

"The rich sound that emanates from this unusual combination is a joy to hear, with the bright treble sound of the requinto and the resonant basses on the baritone really creating some fabulous sonic moments. As for the music itself, well, there is not a single ordinary of boring moment to be found. Heartily recommended!"

Peter and Marion introduce the audience to the rich sound of the unique guitar-family instruments ranging from octave to bass guitar, built especially for the duo by Graham Caldersmith, Jeroen Hilhorst and Paul Sheridan.

Guitar & choir
Z.o.o. guitar duo regularly enjoys performing with various choirs. Repertoire includes:
Zwölf Lieder und Romanzen by Johannes Brahms (arranged for guitar duo and choir).
Romancero Gitano by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco/Frederico Garcia Lorca (solo guitar and choir).
Lorca Songs arranged by Marien Abspoel (solo guitar and choir). 


Gitaarsalon Roadshow

A unique and exciting addition to the Dutch guitar scene.